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30 January 2011 @ 12:39 pm
I'm Back  

  • I'm Back



    Just finished re-purchasing my premium account so that I could actually add people to view the blog. On Xanga unlike on Livejournal, someone can't automatically read your blog just because you add them as a friend. You have to go in and manually add them. SO -- if you would like to read my blog posts whether you are my friend already and just can't read or I haven't added you at all, feel free to leave a comment right here and I'll add you right away. My domain will be up in about another month or two and even then I'll probably still be "syndicated" and posts copies of my entries here and on my other accounts such as Livejournal. For those who can read my blogs but haven't been because I haven't updated, I plan on updating much more regularly. And if you want to read but don't have a Xanga acccount, until my website and collective is up, you can add me on Livejournal.

    Also I'm on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube daily. And my other projects include a blog for Avant Debutante which will eventually be my online magazine/Youtube channel and social networking site, Irreproachable Dreams, my blog about eating disorders and Surveysive which is just for surveys and the like. Much more to come and there are many places to find me online. If you can't see the links to the side, that means you have access to my blog so log out and come back and you will see the list of all the places I can be found [as well as some other modules that I think are sweet]. I may also syndicate this to Blogspot so that people there can follow me. Let me know if there's someplace that you have an account and would like to be able to read my blog. Until then, kisses. I hope to build a new base of readers as well as reconnect with the people who have been with me online for years.


    Kisses, my loves.

T-Moneyspinpikachu on February 1st, 2011 03:57 pm (UTC)
i love you... add me!