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Avant Debutanate

28 June 1988


Pretty face, dirty mouth. Simply complex. Kind of a big deal. Circus of a love life. Superficial. Intellectual. Delusions of greatness. Manic and effervescent. A feverish writer. Platinum coif -- by choice. Mistakes made.

Future broadcast journalist/ magazine editor/ freelance writer/ public relations rep/ fashion buyer/ entrepreneur.

Pageant participant. Barista. Hooters girl. Administrative assistant. Entertainer -- decorating and baking. Entertainer -- acting, modeling. Repeat offender, traffic violations. A Southern Belle du Jour who doubles as a neurotic party-girl. With "caked-up make-up."

Dates like a man, loves like a woman. Parties "like a rockstar". Victim of my own sexuality. Exhibitionist/head-turner. Serial dater/ part-time monogamist. Searching for my soul mate -slash- investment banker. Inebriated alter ego, "the princess". Occasional public wearer of tiaras with corsets. Closeted computer geek. Lives and loves in high heels.

I am the Marilyn Monroe of Livejournal.

iam_the Barbie of LiveJournal.

50s style, absinthe, acting, adult swim, agent provocateur, alexander mcqueen, ancient cities, angelina jolie, anthropology, archaeology, art nouveau, arts, astrology, audrey hepburn, ava gardner, baking, ballet, barbie, beauty, beauty pageants, being under the covers, benefit, betsey johnson, black and white photography, blondes, bloomingdales, bombshellism, books, boutiques, broadway, bunnies, burlesque, carnivale, champagne, chandeliers, classic hollywood, classic rock, coffee, coffee shops, cosmetics, couture, dance, dancing, diamonds, disney, disney princesses, dita von teese, donnie darko, dostoevsky, egypt, elegance, elitism, epics, fairy-tales, fashion, fashion magazines, femininity, film noir, flowers in my hair, foreign film, foreign languages, francias, frank sinatra, french, french films, gaudi, glitter, glossy magazines, haute couture, high heels, hollywood, interior decorating, italy, japanese culture, jean harlow, jean-paul gaultier, juicy couture, kisses, kissing in the rain, learning new things, legally blonde, lingerie, literature, lolita, love letters, marc jacobs, marie antonette, marilyn monroe, masquerade, mermaids, midnight movies, mythology, nabokov, nietzsche, night life, noir, norma jean baker, norma jeane mortenson, old hollywood, pearls, perfectionism, perfume, philosophy, photography, pin-up girls, pink, pink floyd, pirates, poetry, pretty things, psychology, rainy days, reading, ribbons, roberto cavalli, rocking out, rollercoasters, romanticism, royalty, sex, sex and the city, shabby chic, shopping, silent films, sophia loren, southern women, spontenaety, starbucks, starlets, sylvia plath, tiffany & co, tinseltown, tribal chic, vargas, victoria's secret, wanderlust, writing,  amusement parks,  being determined and motivated,  being engaged,  being his princess,  christina maría aguilera bratman,  my family and friends,  my pink iРod,  my sony vaiо laptоp,  planning our future/wedding,  road trips,  smelling pretty,  the girls next door,  victoria's secret