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30 March 2012 @ 12:58 pm
WHERE have I been?! Updates later. For now, I'm rediscovering Livejournal and its communities and my blogs/sites/accounts -- basically my whole online world/empire in general should follow so if anyone still comes here and still subscribes and is reading this, be on the lookout for me. After updating everything, launching some projects and even opening a few new ventures online-wise, I'm going to try my best to promote the fact that I'm back in the "blogosphere" for lack of a better "word" and give everyone a heads up to start following again. I know between my various sites/blogs I had at one point a lot of suprisingly loyal followers. Especially considering my sporadic posting habits but I need to start keeping track of things. ALL aspects of my life are about to take off and I'd like them shared and documented.

To get to the point of this post, while browsing around at some communities this morning I somehow came across an Easter Basket community in which each person posts about themselves and then their friends or other members of the community can reply and post gifts to their "Easter Basket" [graphics, songs, etc.] in a comment. All the replys are invisible to everyone but the moderators until Easter and then all the gifts are unveiled. I don't know who of the people I knew on LJ still comes on and if so, who visits my journal but I really thought it was a cute idea and I wanted to make one, gifts or no. I'm a sucker for anything of this sort. So here is a copy of my entry or "basket" and a link to the community where the gifts can be posted. As I said in the reply, I mainly liked the survey aspect of the whole thing. Therefore, I answered just like one of the many frivilous but addictive surveys we all used to answer in forums and blogs as opposed to answering based on letting people know what to "give" me. Since it is sharing something about myself, I thought it best be posted to my blog. So here it is. And if someone is still out there subscribed to this, by all means feel free to follow the link and post a "gift" to my basket. Then make one yourself and let me know so I can be in on the fun!
Even though I still have followers of my blog, I haven't been on LJ in quite some time so I don't expect much if anything to come of this but I felt like doing it anyway just for the fun of the survey aspect of it. So mainly that's what I treated it like, an Easter-themed survey. So sorry if it is a bit wordy! xo

First Name (or name that you go by): Lara
Username: barbie-bmbshell
Birthday: 06/28/1988
Astrological sign(s): Cancer
Significant Other: Ran <3
Marital status: Married
Anniversary: [wedding or other] 9/10/2008 [wedding] 2/3/2006 [coupled, at least the FIRST time around of many]
Children's names, genders, ages, & birthdays: [actual/full name/order yet to be decided and/or disclosed]Nicknames include "Coco", "Bella", "Yvie", "Cupcake", "Bunny", "Coco Chanel Mademoiselle"....; Female ; Birthday possible May 27, 2012 but we'll have to see. I think she'll be a June baby. Age=just under 33 weeks gestation. <3
Pets: [name and type of pet]Sophia [dog]; Mia [cat. pronounced "Mya", named by my husband after the Miami dolphins.]
Favorite colors: gold, silver, pink, chocolate
Colors you dislike: orange, yellow maybe but I can like any color in the right context
Favorite things & hobbies: web design, modeling/acting/pageants; dance/gymnastics/cheer; studying Jorunalism/Communications/Political Science; fashion industry, politics, graphic design/coding, baking/entertaining, I could go on and on.
Favorite television, movies, music, comic, etc: TV -[current] True Blood, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Dance Moms [guilty pleasure!]; re-runs of Smallville [husband is a comic lover who got me hooked!]; Angel/Buffy; Sex and the City, etc. Movies- Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; Showboat; Breakfast at Tiffany's; Old cafe-society movies starring classic bombshells; classic gangster movies and some westerns; There are plenty of more recent movies I love but none come to mind right now. Music- everything essentially. Led Zeppelin/Robert Plant; Mickey Avalon; JLo era Jennifer Lopez; Anything Britney Spears; A lot of less main stream rap; A lot of classic rock. Very wide variety. Comic - anything Zenescope [I respect anyone who actually knows what that is]; Black Canary; Betty and Veronica
Favorite pixels: (if you like blinkies and sigtags)?? any
What type of graphics you prefer: small ones; cute, about the size of emoticons
What is your favorite part of Easter?: guiltly, I admit its probably the tradition of having my dad buy me a new dress. I can't wait to pick them out with my daughter in the future. Also assembling baskets, especially from my husband as well as recieving them from him. Dying eggs and getting to go all out with creativity in decor.
What Easter things do you enjoy most?: (ex. Easter Bunny, bunnies, pastel colors, bright colors, chicks, Easter Eggs, etc. - this helps with Easter themed goodies =D)I adore bunnies!? I want to raise them one day and I've even called my daughter my "bunny girl" way before she was even concieved.
Anything else you'd like to share not listed above:
http://easterbaskets.livejournal.com/ The Community
http://easterbaskets.livejournal.com/382.html?page=3 The Thread where my entry/survey is and where you can also enter.
I'll have to edit in the link to my specific thread because I just NOW POSTED IT and I haven't been "assigned" one yet.

Expect to see a lot more of me soon. Probably very soon. Like in an hour or so. Until then, happy spring and love and kisses from Your Bunny Girl Lara! xoxo
30 January 2011 @ 12:39 pm

  • I'm Back



    Just finished re-purchasing my premium account so that I could actually add people to view the blog. On Xanga unlike on Livejournal, someone can't automatically read your blog just because you add them as a friend. You have to go in and manually add them. SO -- if you would like to read my blog posts whether you are my friend already and just can't read or I haven't added you at all, feel free to leave a comment right here and I'll add you right away. My domain will be up in about another month or two and even then I'll probably still be "syndicated" and posts copies of my entries here and on my other accounts such as Livejournal. For those who can read my blogs but haven't been because I haven't updated, I plan on updating much more regularly. And if you want to read but don't have a Xanga acccount, until my website and collective is up, you can add me on Livejournal.

    Also I'm on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube daily. And my other projects include a blog for Avant Debutante which will eventually be my online magazine/Youtube channel and social networking site, Irreproachable Dreams, my blog about eating disorders and Surveysive which is just for surveys and the like. Much more to come and there are many places to find me online. If you can't see the links to the side, that means you have access to my blog so log out and come back and you will see the list of all the places I can be found [as well as some other modules that I think are sweet]. I may also syndicate this to Blogspot so that people there can follow me. Let me know if there's someplace that you have an account and would like to be able to read my blog. Until then, kisses. I hope to build a new base of readers as well as reconnect with the people who have been with me online for years.


    Kisses, my loves.

11 February 2010 @ 12:02 am
New posts on health/fitness/disordered eating blog. irreproachable-dreams.blogspot.com I should get around to regular journal updates soon and I may have a surprise this week online-empire wise.
15 January 2009 @ 07:04 pm

I'm lethargic. That never happens. I guess its a nice change of pace. All I've really accomplished this evening is some "reading". Got the new US Weekly, Cosmopolitan and WWD for today in the mail. I think I need a nap. Which means I'll be up all night again. Maybe I'll even sleep through the night and have plenty of energy for this weekend...? As I'm sure it will be the latter, I'll be sure to check in then.


14 January 2009 @ 04:01 am

I'm editing the layout here currently so bare with me. It has been a while since I've done Cascading Style Sheets and I've never really coded them for LJ so I'm using a template from a different lay to sort of play around.

Lengthy blogs on my weekend, my lovers, my workouts and everything else under the sun (or, right now, moon) later this evening. Or technically later this morning considering it is 4am. I'm going to "syndicate" my blogs from now on or at least attempt to so I'll be posting the same entries here and on Xanga among other places (see "Collective" module on my Xanga layout for "other places"). My in depth blogs on Xanga are private and so is anything I post of substance here. At least from now on. (FYI there) Myspace blogs I save for special, sporadic things. Besides, I don't want my inner most thoughts read by the people they actually pertain to. Gasp.

Until later, lovelies. Kisses xxooxxoo

As a small part of my insane online multi-tasking, I'll be here catching up. It has been far too long since I've post whored at The Junkie Boards.
20 December 2008 @ 01:33 am
Do you have any odd nervous habits?
I have many typical nervous habits. Biting my nails when there is no acrylic covering them, biting the inside of my lip and cheek, etc. One very odd thing I have done since a child, especially when I am an anxious is to add up mentally the letters in the words of every sentence I hear. For example, the last sentence would equal 119. Then, 1+1+9=11; 1+1=2. That would be good or satisfying because "you" ultimately want to end up with an even number. If it didn't turn out that way, I sometimes will get so compulsive that I acutally go back and substitute words or rearrange the sentence so that I do end up with an even number. My mom never knew quite what to think of this habit but it was definitely a lot worse when I was younger. Now that I have unhealthy anxiety relievers such as bulimia and percocet, it only appears when said vices are taken away and I am suffering withdrawls.

Just another of many quirks.

Current Location: Dining Room
Current Mood: anticipatory
Current Music: Jason Mraz "I'm Yours"
10 December 2008 @ 12:22 am

My First Five Husbands..And the Ones Who Got Away
By Rue Mcclanahan
see related


Breathy blonde starlet. A gilded lily. Young wild and alive. Groomed to perfection for even the humblest outing.

Coke, cock and cocktails. In no particular...in that order.

L is for "lovely" and "loved".

The stomp of stilettos. She clattered in, air-kissed everyone in the room and plopped herself into a chair with a theatrical sigh. Cocky with drug-induced bravado.

"Manipulative, sexually predatory and devious....always with charm and a wicked sense of humor." Very typically, flushed, sparkling-eyed and positively fizzy with anticipation. Maneater, positively oozing sexual availability.


I survey my surroundings with a haughty stare, eyes flashing lust. Always primped, patted and painted to perfection. Beauty is a tortuous but worthwhile process of preperation. I never "walk". Flounce or saunter, sometimes in varying degrees of intoxication from drink or drugs. Arch my back playfully.

Hair: blonde fluffball, candy-floss confection

Loves Servuga caviar and niney percent proof Russian Vodka. (Otherwise it better be Patron)

Grittily modern, engagingly frank. A former vegan and card-carrying PETA member, I now enjoy steaks that are, much like I, very rare. Live and love in high heels. I like making my 5'5 into 5'9. I dislike people who are over-powering, nouvea-riche and/or pretentious.

I have delusions of greatness and aspire to instant recognition and constant applause. Accepting of adulation.

Mostly effusive acquaintainships that pass for friendships.

As for my most genuine and long term realationship, it was a classic case of a star is born for me and the end of a shelf-life for him. (Joan Collins's word; not mine)

Some nights I have to reach for the ambien. With a sigh of resignation, I swallow it, drain the cabarnet sauvignon and wait for oblivion.

A more wordly interpretation of the fiesty southern belle. Can out Scarlett Ms. O'hara herself. And, like Scarlett O'Hara, I find myself putting things aside to worry about tomorrow.

Physically, I imagine myself as glowering as the images still etched into my mind of my mother. Always deeply tanned with scarcely a wrinkle because she treated her face as rare porcelain. Everything about her gleamed. Sartorial perfection.

I saw you there in the flesh and I thought, "Earth had not anything to show more fair".

"What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over."
"whatever went on between the pink satin sheets of her bed satisfied her completely."



This is part of a feverish, fluid, low-substance sort of profile description I'm adding to what I already have on myspace.  I've had that one for a while now. This was heavily inspired by the book I just finished by Joan Collins "Too Damn Famous". I've been reading much more substance, I promise and will tell but I spent the last night of house-sitting at Ran's mom's (Sat. night) wide awake in a very inspired and ready to be inspired state. She has all sorts of these. There's a Rue McLanahan auto-memoirgraphic (made that up myself) that I'm deep into. I finished the novel by JC all in one night and it wasn't half bad. I turn books into journals. Constantly underlining things I like or relate to, or words I want to add to my arsenal and noting off to the side my comments, etc. I have so much to give inspirationally as far as the nymphette demographic goes but I seem to be either OUT on the town or OUT of the Vicodin that helps along my writing and designing. I'll be around. There is so much to tell. This is just a tidbit to let you know I'm on the rise. SO MUCH to tell. Many things to allow you to live vicariously through me. Others that will touch you on a not so positive level. But all full of soul, sarcasm and my endless effervescence. By the time you read this, I'll probably have posted said memoirs but if not, "see" you soon.


Stay beautiful, kisses + kisses,


14 August 2008 @ 06:14 pm

To Yadkinville. May or may not be connected up there. A lot of good stuff and bad stuff to tell. This week has been very eventful. I've been on myspace more than anything and also a few other places. Plus going out, getting my life together - believe it or not. "See" you guys tommorow or Sat. morning one. Until then, check this out. Ran and I need to be together more than ever right now. I'll explain. We're hitting Lake Norman for sushi and a movie, who knows what else.

Check out my myspace if you haven't. I've been spending a lot of time on there and random other places online. Making new discoveries hence the lack of blogging. Still have a suprise or two in store internet-wise.


Love, Lara

Pics of my pressies too later. OMFG what a funny story there.

04 August 2008 @ 09:11 pm

2 New posts in xanga. Don't really feel like pasting. Maybe later. Very very personal entries.

25 July 2008 @ 09:47 am

 Working on LJ skills // playing around. In the meantime, xanga.com/sugrpuss.
Old webcam photo from photobucket until I get around to buying a premium account. Maybe later today.